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Our Experience

Home Inspections (American Society of Home Inspectors Member No. 212482)

With years of experience in the construction industry, engineering and knowledge of building codes, Welch Engineering has been performing inspections according to ASHI standards for over 20 years. Due to the explosive growth in the poorly regulated residential building industry, this inspection service has become a prerequisite for purchasing a home. We offer a professional and extensive inspection, which is summarized in an easy to understand report supported by photographs.

Engineering (registered professional engineer, license number 15071)

30 years experience in engineering design and installation of vessels, towers, radio communication systems, structures, natural gas systems, cathodic protection, coatings, pressure regulation, metering, water, air and refrigerant piping and safety devices.

Electrical (unrestricted Georgia Electrical Contractor’s license No. EN-008273)

Over 35 years experience in electrical installations, trouble shooting and electrical repair. This experience includes three phase electrical generation, electrical distribution, motor rewinding and US Naval electrical schools, while serving aboard an aircraft carrier and destroyer during the Vietnam War.

Plumbing (unrestricted Georgia Master Plumber’s license No. M-004053)

Over 40 years experience in plumbing installations, service and repair. Plumbing experience in the early days was gained when cast iron was used for waste lines and black pipe was used for natural gas. Experience includes piping design, pressure regulation, cathodic protection and leak detection.

Heating and Air Conditioning (unrestricted Georgia Conditioned Air Contractor’s license No. CN-005823)

Over 35 years experience in heating and air condition installation, service and repair. Thirty of these years were spent with a natural gas utility designing systems, piping installation and repairing heating and air conditioning equipment. This experience includes boilers, heat pumps, gas A/C units, standard A/C units, as well as automotive systems.