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Aside from being in the construction business for over 50 years (I starting working for my father’s small construction business, WeeDEG Construction, at the age of 12), we have seen technology move from pencil and paper too cutting edge inspection software by Palm-Tech (see Unlike many of the other inspection software companies, Palm-Tech software was designed for the pocket PC handheld computer so that data can be collected and stored immediately, helping eliminate many human errors.

Templates for almost every conceivable type of inspection are loaded in the Hewlett Packard pocket PC including residential, commercial, systems and specialty inspections. Example photographs can be inserted next to each line item in the report for clarity and any number of additional items, sections or components can be added on the fly.  An index, summaries and recommendations are included with each report.

Since many of our clients are fellow Attorneys, the software is very helpful in the court room, because the defective item will have photographs with arrows pointing to the problem. Small areas can be zoomed in for clarity and sketches can be added to show referenced areas of the property.

One of the best ways to choose a real estate inspector, after checking their experience, licenses and certifications, is to request a recent inspection report from a similar property. We will be more than happy to forward the inspection report in a pdf file for your review/comparison. Call 404-514-4519 or email us via our contact form.

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